Healthcare Team


They play an increasingly important role in in looking after your health.

Ajay Patel and Mark Stone conduct many of the annual medication roles and can be consulted at any time on issues relating to prescriptions, side effects and interactions, drug changes, over the counter medicines advice and even minor injuries and ailments. Minor ailments that they can treat include:

  • Urinary tract infections
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Impetigo
  • Some skin complaints (e.g.rashes, eczema, nappy rash)
  • Sore throats
  • Sinus problems
  • Morning after pill

Ajay Patel

Besides being practice Pharmacist and Partner, Ajay is also the Responsible Pharmacist at Gunnislake Pharmacy. His role there is to check prescriptions, give face to face advice regarding over the counter medication and also treat some minor injuries and ailments. Within his role as practice Pharmacist, Ajay deals with medication reviews, changes and queries. This can happen in person or by telephone.

Mark Stone

Mark is a practice Pharmacist Partner. He studied Pharmacy in Birmingham and has worked within the practice for over five years. He conducts clinics as an independent prescriber for patients with all long term conditions and polypharmacy. Mark believes that bringing together pharmacists as part of the practice team enhances the service offering of the practice, supports positive patient outcomes and helps free up doctor’s time.

General Practice Paramedics

Since 2017 the practice has employed two paramedics. Initially they spent time with the GPs and other clinicians during clinic time, as well as our admin and dispensary staff, so as to gain a good insight into the various aspects of General practice. They now run their own clinics, as part of our acute care team dealing with minor ailments and also in the community, visiting patients.

Their services are extremely helpful and beneficial to both our patients and the practice.

Community Nurses

Community nurses can help people who look after those who are chronically sick, disabled, frail or terminally ill. We ask all patients who are carers to tell the practice about their situation, as practical assistance may be available.

District Nurses

To contact our district nursing team, please telephone them on 01579 384814.

Health Visitors

Our health visitor, who has an office at the Callington Community Clinic, is a registered nurse with midwifery and health visiting qualifications and who has had special training in infant and child health care development.

A Well Baby Clinic is held each Monday between 13:00 and 15:00 (no appointment necessary), where you can have your baby weighed and ask the health visitor for advice on subjects such as weaning, teething and development. The health visitor also offers a Stop Smoking service and a weight management clinic; details available from the health centres or by phoning 01579 389608.

Macmillan Nurses

The Macmillan Nurses have special training and experience in caring for those with cancer and terminal illness, and in counselling their families. Our lead nurse in the Practice is also a Macmillan champion and can provide support to patients.

Attached Staff

Community Mental Health Team

The community mental health team members are available to advise on coping with depression, stress, phobias and family problems. They can also teach relaxation techniques. Patients are referred to these services by the GPs and nurse practitioners.